Myths About Motel Accommodation That Need Clearing Up

Do you sometimes come close to booking motel accommodation, but then step away because of a horror story from a friend? While motels once fell out of favour, today they're becoming popular again. In addition to their cost-effective nature, they're usually comfortable and feature all the amenities you need for a convenient stay. If you're still feeling unsure, you might want to learn more about motel accommodation myths. 

Motel accommodation is substandard

The biggest and most common myth is that the accommodation is substandard. When you think of motels, you may picture unkempt rooms that receive little attention. While the rooms are generally smaller than hotel rooms and may not always have perks such as room service, it's worth thinking of this accommodation choice in the context of your travel situation. If you're keen to explore the local area, all you need is a safe and warm bed for the night. Today, motels meet high hygiene standards to stay open, which means it's better to think of the accommodation as more basic than substandard.

Motels are never near any attractions

While you're less likely to find a city centre motel than you will a hotel, that doesn't mean staying in one places you far away from great attractions. In fact, those that are in suburban or slightly less popular areas may make accessing attractions easier. Usually, you'll benefit from less traffic and great parking facilities. This means you can bring your own ride along and explore the nearby area at ease.

The facilities aren't great

Naturally, the facilities available at the motel you choose will vary between each property. If you're picturing a lonely vending machine resting outside a row of rooms, you may find you haven't set your expectations high enough. Many motels offer facilities and services such as:

  • Breakfast included in the price
  • Rooms with a kitchenette, so you can self-cater
  • Swimming pools and barbecue areas
  • Conference rooms

So, if it's a lack of facilities that's deterring you from choosing motel accommodations, keep looking because you may find one that has everything you need.

The world of motel accommodation is full of misconceptions. While your average motel may not provide the luxury you're seeking from a large hotel chain, it can still provide you with the tools you need for an enjoyable stay. All of this comes at a more cost-friendly price too, allowing you to spend your budget on other areas of your trip. 

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